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The Bachelor Recap: Season 19 Episode 6

This week’s episode of The Bachelor left me with more questions than answers. In fact, this post is overly peppered with questions. Why? Because I don’t have any answers. On this or anything else.

Cheers to Deadwood South Dakota

What are we cheersing to? and who ‘s the random guy in the bowler cap?

Perhaps you do.

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The Bachelor Recap: Season 19 Episode 5

Bachelor Title

Where do I even begin? This week’s episode was chock full of geographical inaccuracies, awkward sexual encounters, questionable medical conditions, and irrefutable evidence confirming my hypothesis that the producers are completely out of money and ideas. Let’s get into it.

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The Bachelor Recap: Season 19 Episode 4

This week I have no excuse for the delay other than

  1. I’m lazy and
  2. Re-watching the Bachelor in order to fact-check my recap and get screen shots takes at least an additional two hours of my life that I will never get back and for as much as I love ripping on the Bachelor, four hours a week devoted to drivel is embarrassing. But that’s reality.

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The Bachelor Recap: Season 19 Episode 3

This “recap” of the Bachelor is grossly overdue for a variety of reasons including the State of the Union address (which I will not be discussing at this time), my dog puking on the couch (you have no idea how disruptive that really is), and my general opinion about where the Bachelor shakes out amongst other priorities in my life.

That being said, we’re going to gloss over the highlights of this week’s episode because there is absolutely no need to delve into the details when there really isn’t a heck of a lot of substance to begin with. Also, SPOILER ALERT!! If you want to be surprised (is your life really that sad?) stop reading now.

Ok, here we go!…

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