Why The F%#& Are We Still Marching?!?

I have never considered myself a political person and I have no intention of using this blog as a platform for my political views. In fact, I’ve spent the bulk of my time recently bouncing around between nine different posts covering various topics like the worst reasons to have children, my anti-bridal shower manifesto, and reasons why my dog is my spirit animal. None of these are political, and while they are charming, lighthearted, and funny, none of these topics matter. Does it matter that I am jealous of my dog because she sleeps 20 hours per day and gets pizza as a treat? The jury is still out, but my money is on no. So as much as I love my dog and griping about bridal showers, there are things that are more important. Things that need to be discussed. Things have erroneously been characterized as political. As I’ve stated before, for some odd reason, I feel the need to participate in things that matter and, whether it’s the grandest or smallest scale, I have felt compelled to chime in and add my singular voice to the chorus on topics that warrant discussion.  Which says a lot considering I’m introverted and antisocial.

One of these topics is the upcoming Women’s March On Washington.

Women's March Jan 21, 2017

Hear Our Voice

I will not shame your ignorance if you were unaware; instead I’ll inform you that women across the country are gathering in Washington, D.C. and many other satellite locations to “send a bold message to our new government on their first day in office” about basic human rights.

First off, let me state that I 100% agree that the United States government needs this gentle reminder in the form of a metric shit ton of people marching in the streets. Saying I’m concerned about people being marginalized and our communities being threatened more frequently and intensely recently is an understatement. While the uprising of intolerance and hatred coincides with our election, it’s not a political issue. For those of you dismissing this march because you think it’s a gathering of panty-wadded overly senstive liberal snowflakes, let me be clear: it’s not a political issue. For those of you supporting this movement let me be clear: it’s not a political issue… but you already know that. You already know this march is a necessity.

Secondly, I’d like to express how I feel that anyone anywhere needs to be reminded about human rights and I’m struggling to find the right words. “Soul crushing” is close but it’s much worse than that. What’s a word for “more than soul crushing?” I feel like there should be a German word comprised of every letter in the alphabet that encapsulates that very feeling to the 19th degree.

So to answer the question I posed in the title of this post, we’re marching because it’s a necessity. We’re marching because our rights as human beings are in jeopardy. We’re marching because it’s unacceptable that it’s 20FUCKING17 and there’s still a reason to march.

When someone like me, someone who is not a “joiner,” gets involved, it’s because it matters. You should too.

March in DC.

March in your own neighborhood.


And stay tuned. The list of my dumbest reasons to have children is coming soon!

What do you think?

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